Humble Habits Coffee

SOLD OUT (More Mugs on the way soon!)


Handmade Coffee Mug made here in Wisconsin!

Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher Safe.

100% Lead Free.

Handcrafted in an eco-friendly, employee safe facility.


1. Cafe Mocha  (SOLD OUT)

2. Orange and Black  (SOLD OUT)

3. Spanish Moss (SOLD OUT)

4. Sunfire Red (SOLD OUT)

5. Irish Stout  (SOLD OUT)

6. Amethyst Horizon (SOLD OUT)

7. Cherry Red and Black (SOLD OUT)

8. Silvery Night (SOLD OUT)

9. Midnight Blue (SOLD OUT)

10. Tigers Eye (SOLD OUT)

11. Pistachio (SOLD OUT)

12. Razzmatazz (SOLD OUT)


Type: Mug